BAD CHILD – Desert Island Lover

BAD CHILD sounds like the craziest indie voice in our mind. And we love it.

A Tinder picture introducing an artist? That’s officially the weirdest and most original way we’ve bumped into a new indie talent. BAD CHILD first song also has the project name. And what a way to introduce this mysterious sound. From a certain point of view this sounds like a strange mix between indie, electronic and rock, that works like charm. From another perspective this reminds us of an Alt-J meets George Ezra with an added layer of strangeness. But don’t let yourself be fooled. This is as good as it gets. We would recommend some carefulness pressing the play button, as the level of addiction can easily hit the roof.

BAD CHILD was released about a year ago. This year, two other tracks were released. The second, Picking Cherries, maintains the minimalist almost experimental vibe, with the electric guitar setting the flow of the entire song. Life and love are not as easy as picking cherries, like we heard again and again towards these 3 minutes. But the good thing is. This song is. Easy and good.

About four months ago, the third track was out. And Desert Island Lover might just be the best song of the three. Keeping the flow and the beautiful weirdness of the first two tracks, the chorus on this one is absolutely special. The vocals show that something special we were not expecting. And the way the song keeps surprising until the end is actually pretty sick.

Expecting to keep being surprised by this almost unknown vibe. We keep on following him everywhere but on Tinder:

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