Old Sea Brigade – Christmas Dream

Opening the festive season, Old Sea Brigade lullabies us into a Christmas Dream.

Opening the festive season, Old Sea Brigade comes back a wonderful Christmas Dream. 2016 appears to have been a great year to this amazing artist. Back in March Ben Cramer’s debut EP dropped our jaws and two months ago he did it again with the first release of his upcoming album, due 2017.

It’s a cold night
And I miss you, babe
New York city waits to put me to bed

In this new single, we get an intimate preformance. Accompanied by a guitar and a layered warmly rusty voice, Old Sea Brigade lullabies us into a Christmas Dream. Ever so subtle and ever so sincere, the lyrics showcasing the struggle of being apart of a loved one, specially this time of the year. This single is the living proof of Ben Cramer’s intrinsic ability to create consistently amazing music.

It’s Christmas Eve
I can’t begin to think
What it would’ve been
With us sleepin’ in

And if I can’t
Be with you now
Will you call me up
When you get some time

Yeah, you’ll always be my Christmas Dream.

Have yourself something in between a Christmas Dream:

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