Martin Luke Brown – Shadow & Light

Martin Luke Brown sings the perfect ode to happy nostalgia and belief in something better.

Martin Luke Brown has been very busy. After the release of his debut EP Take Out of Me and the single Wasted Youth (featuring Sody), he is back. Shadow & Light was released November 11th, and it’s a wonder to be heard! Focusing on a stripped down production, him and his guitar, Martin shares an intimate moment with the listeners. The great thing about Shadow & Light is the sense of hope in the dark; the warmth of his voice wrapping all worries with a hug. The world was needing something like this.

Last week, Bee Happy Sessions published a live version of Shadow & Light. Recorded at an empty victorian style home in Surrey and with the help of a piano and a choir, the single transforms into something greater. Somehow we can’t help but draw a comparison with James Morrison and his way of creating sweet nostalgia and bringing back so many memories with melodie. Produced by Johnny Marchetta & Bjorn Franklin, this version is full of emotion and the impersonates the true form  of Shadow & Light.

A smile is a smile
And a tear still a tear
Show me our differences
I’ll show you what we share

If love is colour
Then maybe we’re blind
Cos it feels like we’re living
As shadow and light

Also, Martin involved all his fans to create the official lyric video. Check it out:

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