Ella Vos – Little Brother

Little Brother is a beautiful dichotomy that instantly warms your heart. A true ode to brotherly love.

Ella Vos released November 7th the follow up to White Noise, Little Brother. The first one was such an emotional listen when it first came out. Sung along with little production, it tackled a sensible subject seldom discussed: post-natal depression. In a register we associate to Maggie Rogers, the sparse electronics set the stage to Ella‘s crystal vocals to shine. Runner up Little Brother follows along the same lines.

Admittedly, this song hits me very close to my heart. I have a little brother whom I love more than anyone in this world. Through the course of our early years we had our fights, as most siblings do. As we grew older, we developed a bond only siblings can. A true, beautiful, dichotomy in itself. Much like this single, really. The story behind it is quite heart wrenching, but the message it shares is beautiful. Little Brother is all about setting the differences aside and recognizing the person in front of us: the beautiful, huge-hearted little brother we got lucky to have.

Stay close, little brother
I know your true colors
When the world don’t listen, you can call my name
Stay close, little brother
Stay close

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