Tracy Irve – Strip EP

Strip (EP) is a mesmerizing project to listen to, combining Linnea’s mermaid-like powers and Alexander's pristine production.

Tracy Irve released their debut EP Strip last month but it feels so new. Every time we listen to it, it feels like a love that keeps growing and growing.
Tracy Irve is an alternative electronic pop/r&b duo from Gothenburg, Sweden composed by Alexander and Linnea. Fun fact: they’re siblings!

Playing together developed very naturally and forming a band together as well. We’ve been playing together for a long time but in other constallations and bands. Being just the two os us just works really well.

First track in line is the name-giver to the EP, Strip. This single sets the mood for the entire EP and does it powerfully well. Strip is a sensual tune that combines Linnea’s whispery voice with a strong, paced beat. And the beautiful thing about the track? It keeps growing until the very end of these 4:15 minutes, leaving you in your toes for more.

Town is runner up. With a faster rhythm, this song continues the chilled electro vibe that Strip began. Linnea’s voice keeps being the central focus, but Alexander’s production is one to take the breath away. Also, this single put  Tracy Irve all over the blogosphere.

Adored is the lead single that made it to top 5 on iTunes Sweden. This song is absolutely mesmerizing. We dare you to listen to it without feeling Linnea’s mermaid-like powers. The way she explores the dynamics in a relationship with her tone is absolutely fascinating.

Naked brings the pace back down a bit. This song is brilliantly constructed and the guitar simply steals the show. Alexander did awesome in this one.

Closing the EP is To Mind in an ever slower pace. Once again, production is top notch and the guitar is so beautifully intertwined with the vocals. As memorable as the entire journey, this EP comes to an end with a peaceful, calm vibe focused on the prolonged notes of both siblings. Vocal and guitars, as one.

The EP is a collection of songs we’ve made the last four years or so, so putting it together was like wrapping up what those years represents to us. The songs definitely comes from a very emotional state but also from a boredom or numbness towards those emotions. And that’s kind of what we were looking for when making the EP, something that’s emotional but viewed from a distance.

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