Ed Thomas – Hollywood EP

Hollywood is where dreams come true through Ed Thomas' clever production and flawless singing.

Ed Thomas has just released a new EP named Hollywood. It’s been two years since the Outlaws EP came out and our surrender to his work. He has been active in the meantime though with the release of the beautiful Love Is Red and helping out Sigma, Jorja Smith and Maverick Sabre.

Back in 2014, Outlaws defined Ed‘s genre. As we stated on our Ten To Follow post, back at the beginning of the year, this EP is meticulously built on growth, right from the start. This is an EP capable of keeping our blood pumping all the way through. His sometimes rough, sometimes soft voice works its artistry flowing through electronic, pop and ballad rhythms making Outlaws a wonder to be heard.

But today we’re talking about Ed Thomas‘ new extended play Hollywood. Showcasing once again Ed‘s flawless singing and clever production, each song carries its own weight and stands on its own, beyond the integration of the EP.

Regarding Hollywood,  the first track and name-giver of the EP, Ed Thomas shared the following note on his Facebook page. It’s no wonder this is the most uplifting track of the EP… Both sonority and lyrically wise, it carries a hopeful and determined connotation. I don’t wanna wait, let heaven get away / ‘Cause imma get to heaven if we make it to L.A / Yeah, imma be a star, imma make ’em make it rain / Yeah I can get to heaven from Hollywood if I pray

Rules, however, relies on an heavier ambiance. The rhythm is slow, the percussion takes its time, and the bass is beautifully placed. Ed‘s usual falsetto is on point and the track evolves effortlessly. The three-piece story ends with Swim Alone which brings the beat up a little and softens the air. The fast paced background and the rougher, almost rappier approach to the lyrics actually show an Ed Thomas we haven’t quite met yet, but we love. The final piece is, definitely, the cherry on top of this great project.

Ed Thomas, we’re really happy you’re back.

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