[INTERVIEW] Louis Baker on Vocalizing Love through Music

After the show stopper, sentimental Rainbow, FADE comes as a beautiful and pertinent follow up.

FADE is Louis Baker‘s latest single, released today. After the show stopper, sentimental Rainbow, FADE comes as a beautiful follow up. Based on the same formula, all spotlight is turned into Louis rich voice and sparse piano to grab our attention. Little after the song starts, you get some reggae like vibes with the entrance of the guitar, add some shy drums and suddenly you have a strong foundation to support this ode on long-distance love.

FADE premiered on MTV Music NZ, and it is guaranteed to give you chills:

Get to know a little bit more about this emotive soul artist reading below:

Getting to Know Louis Baker

[WtMM]Hi there, how are you?
[Louis Baker] Hey everyone! Thanks for having me here. I’m really well, thanks for asking, and to anybody who is reading this now, I hope that life is flowing well for you too.

May we begin by asking you, who is Louis Baker?
Yes – Absolutely. That’s a good question, and one I have asked myself many times. For those who are interested in what I do, I often tell them that music chose me. This is because of the natural and organic way I sort of fell into it. I’ve been fascinated by the sound of music for as long as I can remember and haven’t stopped feeling this way since.

When did you decide on a musical career?
I played Rugby and Cricket as a young man, and things looked promising. I would captain teams, and I gained a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction in doing so. However, around the age of 12 I started playing the guitar. Inspired by Hendrix and Clapton, I would play morning, noon and night. I was hooked, and hungry to learn as much as possible, so I got into many different styles and techniques. I gave up on sports around the age of 20 but still enjoy it when I have time.

Sounding like Louis Baker

When we first discovered you, back in September, we heard you pour your heart out in “Rainbow” (we wrote a post on it). Can you tell us a little bit more about “Rainbow”? Perhaps what is, to you, the meaning or inspiration behind it?
It was inspired by a girl – It’s about deep love. If you find that person who will stick by you through thick and thin, hold on to them.

After a little listen to your self-titled EP of 2014, we got the feeling that your work is nothing bur honest intimacy. Is writing music like writing a journal for you?
Yes, it’s a bit like keeping a journal. For me it is somewhere to voice my thoughts – Express myself in a way that I can’t do by any other means or medium.

We really love how cool you make sentimental lyrics sound – like in “Just Want to Thank You” with that groovy RnB vibe. But the E.P. and “Rainbow” have a stripped down, rawer feel to them. How would you describe your sound?
Emotive. Raw. Expressive. Honest. Open.

 Following that line of thought, who would you point out as your main influences?
Jeff Buckley, Al Green, Donny Hathaway, D’Angelo, Marvin Gaye.

Touring and Future

We understand you are all over the globe right now: we heard of cities like London, Barcelona and L.A.! How has been traveling and touring with Jamie Lidell?
I have one show only opening for Jamie Lidell, in Barcelona. To support Jamie brings me great pleasure. I am a big fan myself, so hopefully I’ll get to meet him and talk music or something after the show.

Importantly, are you considering to play in other European countries soon? Is Portugal on your plans?
I’ve never been to Portugal, but I would love to go! The team is putting that together now and I really look forward to getting back on the road after the past 8 months of songwriting, recording and releasing. It’s been a blast!

 If you could invite anyone to make a song with, who would it be?
Bon Iver (or) James Blake.

How do you see Louis Baker in three to five years?
Still be doing what I’m doing now. Making music. Seeing the world. It couldn’t be any better than that – Living the dream!

Thanks so much for having me – Peace and Love to all, Louis B

We at Where the Music Meets would like to thank you very much for this interview, and congratulate you for the beautiful, touching music you make. Louis Baker has a very special place in our hearts. Best of success.

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