Junior Empire – Danger // West Coast // Decide

Danger is an energy bomb filled with fast piano keys and a whole lot of power.

About a week ago, Junior Empire released their latest single, Danger. This track is such a power house. It’s impossible to be indifferent to it. As soon as it starts to play, you feel every beat as exploding stars. The piano keeps the song light whilst progressing in an incredible rhythm. The band explained the song is all about the whirlwind of emotions frozen in one specific moment:

That moment when someone first catches your eye. A pure animal instinct that, for better or worse, forces you to take action.

Get ready to be addicted, Junior Empire are on top of their game with Danger:

This is the third single Junior Empire put out and we just can’t help ourselves. We have to tell you about the other two:

West Coast was the debut single to this five-piece band and it immediately took our breath away. It felt so right to turn West Coast on whenever we were driving around and sing along, feeling the wind with the windows down. This amazing tune starts off giving a Moby kind off vibe that 30 seconds later turns into something Alex Vargas would put out. Amazing mixture of genres. Pop, rock, catchy drum beats, simple guitar riffs and that something-something only they can deliver. We were sold.

Open roads and the underlying feeling that nothing is permanent and vacuous future of endless opportunity awaits. In other words a break up song (sigh).

Decide is a bit different. It goes out into the indie rock aspect with that clean falsetto and slower beat. And goes into the indie perspective on honest emotion-based lyrics. However they decide on the genre, rhythm or instrumentals, it’s proven Junior Empire can’t go wrong.

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