Louis Baker – Rainbow

Rainbow is a moment in itself that becomes infinite as soon as you let it take over you. This single is a sunbeam in a rainy day, that Louis Baker decided to share with us. And we can't thank him enough.

Photo credit to Red Bull Studios.

Louis Baker is a magician. We can’t cope with his latest ode to that certain someone special. Rainbow will literally feel like a warm hug in you heart as chills runs down your neck, spine, arms, everywhere. The humanity in the lyrics and the stripped down production are the key elements to make this single much more than a mere song. Rainbow is much more so as a whole experience, a moment in itself that becomes infinite as soon as you let it take over you.  And the video is so immersive, his eyes lock in yours and every word he sings, you feel (you can see it playing the [play button] up top, in the image). Rainbow is a work of art. This emotional song is sentimental, yet so uplifting. It really makes you stop and appreciate the moment. And it makes you (or at least it made us) want to share this moment with someone close to our heart.

Rainbow is a sunbeam in a rainy day, a mother’s word in chaos and a doggy cuddle in sadness. Rainbow is coming home to that person, to feel free, to feel protected and to feel loved. Rainbow is about overcoming, striving and being better than what makes you sad and beats you down. Better than this cold-hearted world.
So intimate, so personal, and yet Louis Baker is able to share it with us. And we can’t thank him enough.

We’ve come through the darkest shades of blue / To a new and brighter point of view / Who knows where this rainbow will take us to / As long as we’re together / Because with you I feel free

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