Charlotte OC – Blackout

Charlotte OC is back. In style. Blackout, is a vertiginous song which works like pure magic. This is a powerhouse.

Picture via Charlotte OC Facebook

There are some cases where artists have to reinvent themselves to make some impact. Still, they rarely change the entire concept around their music or the kind of music they produce. Charlotte Mary O’Connor is one of those rare cases. After she took her first steps on music, and despite her huge vocal range, she could not reach any popularity from relevant producers and media. When she rebuilt herself around the Charlotte OC project, she took it tremendously seriously. Opting for a more gospel, soul and house approach with bits of electronic flows, she made major impact since she first released the Colour My Heart E.P. three years ago. The four songs included in that released worked, on their own, really really great, and comparisons were established with very strong interpreters like Laura Welsh and Laurel, and above all, with Lana Del Rey‘ power. One year ago she followed those steps with a two-song release If My House Was Burning (Florence & The Machine alike) and On & On (strong and encouraging similarities with Cathedrals and Bat for Lashes). 

Now she is back. In style. Blackout, her new single, builds up slowly and brings the right cadence with every single beat in the music. The vertiginous approach to the chorus works like pure magic, and the strong focus on words accompanied with a very subtle background power goes completely outside the box. When Charlotte first sing the words “Can you wake me up?” every single sense of ours wakes up and pays attention. And when she makes the song go down in some kind of spiral to take it up again, we are sold. Could not be more convinced. A powerhouse. “Let the love begin, again”.

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