Meeting of the Day: Alice Jemima – Dodged A Bullet

Alice Jemina new single Dodged a Bullet looks straight ahead to all the good things that are to come, and is another promising song from one of 2016's best surprises.

Picture by Natalie Davis, via Alice Jemima Facebook.

After the rather alternative New Secret we wrote a few months ago, and the release of Liquorice EP on June 29th, here she is, once again. On August 10th, Alice Jemima released another great single – Dogdged A Bullet. This single is upbeat, in Jemima‘s own way: soft and misterious breathy vocals and soothing ambient pop vibe with an addictive and pulsing instrumental base. Dodged a Bullet is, as the name would suggest, about the end of a relationship in an almost celebratory way, looking straight ahead to all the good things that are to come. When I think about you my heart doesn’t glow (…) I’m getting out,  I’m gonna run like hell.

This single brings with itself the promise of an album in a near, bright future – and we can’t wait!

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