Meeting of the Day: Dustin Tebbutt – Wooden Heart

Anticipating Dustin Tebbutt album debut, here is Wooden Heart, a folk inspired song that fills us with coziness and a secret spot by the fireplace.

Picture via Dustin Tebbutt Facebook

Every time Dustin Tebbutt releases a new song we feel like we are getting back home. Having said this, we have been feeling really well in the past two years with the huge amount of music he has been delivering. In 2014 he released two beautifully crafted EPs (Bones and The Breach) and one year later he built a mesmerizing mini album (Home), and an indescribable collaboration with The Kite String Tangle (the cloudy Illuminate). Maybe considering our well-being and the established notion that there is nothing like home, Dustin is getting back to business launching his first long play entitled First Light tomorrow (!!). As a proper anticipation for the album, and so that we don’t get too anxious, he released three singles in the last couple of weeks: First Light (the single) , Give Me Tonight, and Wooden Heart. While from the first two emerges a Justin Vernon feeling, the last perfectly complements Dustin repertoire with a more folk approach that fills us with coziness and a secret spot by the fireplace. This is a beautiful song that makes everything alright and reminds us of the perfect healing power that a single music can have. Even when it talks about missing someone.

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