Meeting of the Day: Ames – Harder

Ames is back with her Midas touch. Harder is the most beautiful song you will hear all day.

Picture via Ames Instagram

With the mesmerizing release of Fluid in the mids of 2015, Ames has occupied a special place in our hearts. Still, as the one year wait for a second single made us doubt about her capacity, we couldn’t be any happier to be proven wrong. Some days ago, she released Harder, a song that starts off really soft, resounding a bit like the beginning of a Rhye song, and that slowly evolves into a very convincing melody, to the point where we can recognize the existence of a much like Midas touch from her part. We can not precise how many times we have listened to it, from the doubtful low profile first listen, to the point where it becomes a very special song. Much like Fluid built itself on us, with this, she as done it again. Of course, the easy understanding that both songs keep Ames‘ unique sound, is one of those assurances that make us feel safe. And keeps us waiting for more.


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