New Secret: WRENN – You

WRENN released You, a heartfelt tune that starts off low key and builds itself up towards a tragic climax.

Picture via Facebook.

We first heard WRENN‘s peacefully soft voice about 2 years (!) ago, with her debut single Afterthoughts, a wonderful Keaton Henson inspired song that combines acoustic guitar, celestial vocals and some violin. She got us hooked right there. After that, we kept following her progress all through In The Morning, a lullaby for the boy who knows who he is (we got surprised with the muted electronic feel to it) and more recently with her first single Insight from her upcoming EP Without Reason. Also, we’re absolutely delighted when we heard her collaboration with gnash in fragile for the us EP. Now, WRENN is back with another heartfelt tune, also part of the forthcoming EP. This single starts off low key and builds itself up towards a tragic climax. The lyrics are, as always, extremely relatable and honestly that’s one of the reasons that makes us keep coming back for more. She can always sing what we all have felt at some point inside. So raise your hand and put it on my heart. Do u feel how its beating? Much too fast and syncopated to the way I’m breathing I’m too scared, quiet lover, can’t keep my voice down.

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