New Secret: Austin Paul – Energy / Dinner

Austin Paul just released the singles Energy and Dinner, giving us chill out time, haunting goose bumps and sexy vibes.

Picture via Facebook.

This is another 18+ playground if you listen to the lyrics of Austin Paul‘s newest EnergyFinished from the start our love was yearning for more, three positioned bodies on the floor (…) When the night begins our bodies search for what they need, praying for the next blissful release is accompanied by a beautifully constructed minimal and sexy electronic involving background and beat. This single almost makes you take a step back, close your eyes and just listen. The first 20 seconds of the song immediately spoke to us as it sounded incredibly close to one of our favorite New Secret (here), RKCB. Then, the low key toned vocals caught us completely off guard, but what really made our jaws drop was the vocals evolution to a continuous falsetto that seemed effortless. We can definitely feel his energy.

Recentely, Austin released another single, Dinner. A haunting, spoken tune that brings out the darkest side of this amazing artist and, as always, with intricate and flawless lyrics: It was one-thirteen in the morning as I woke from my deep deep sleep / Rise out of my coffin for the hunt so I can find something to eat / In search of the one who had just a little bit too much to drink / Following one, two, three steps behind you stumbling across the street

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