Meeting of the Day: WILDES – Illuminate

As intense as music can get, WILDES new single Illuminate is just astonishing.

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About two months ago, in our first ever Indie Sapiens, Ana revealed WILDES to us, and at least to a small part of the world too. At that time we considered WILDES as a new and unknown artist, and although she is still trying to rise in the music business, the amount of times we heard her first single, Bare, has left us in a limbo where she is one of the most known artists of this year. This week she released her second single, a beautiful and inspiring song entitled Illuminate, which continuing it’s resemble to Daughter dark introspective love takes, shows a more energetic and overwhelming rock experience. From the first “Tell me”, that we would swear we can almost hear and see Ella Walker lips and eyes alternating strong words with fully emotional gazes. As intense as music can get, this one is just astonishing.

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