New Secret: Sirs&Madams – Come Back To Me

Sirs&Madams folk-rock has been one of ours best kept new secrets for the last two years. But you all should hear the tenderness in their newest song.

Picture by Facebook

Once in a while there is one band that we secretly adore for time and time again, and that even sometime after we first discover them, remain as one of our best kept secrets. We’ve first bumped into Sirs&Madams about almost three years (!) ago, when they made a beautiful and so tender song called Wild One which was, without shame, love at first hearing. Making it justice, it’s one of those songs which could by itself be responsible for beginning a romance and marrying two people. Or the perfect description of what a soundtrack of a true friendship should sound like.

This was the first (official) song released by Riley, Laura, Cody and Julian. Since that time they released their first and self-entitled album (last year) and as small band got some visibility performing in some bigger locations like the Sofar New York or The Bowery Electric.

This by itself could be enough for any folk-rock fan to explore what their music feels like. However, about one month ago they’ve done it again with the release of Come Back to Me. The best description we can give you about this is that it sounds like a swim in the ocean, at the right temperature, with the right person by your side. If you put it on repeat, it can last the day. Oh, and if that is not enough, you can dance to it too.

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