New Secret: gnash – us (EP)

We are quite in love with the happy ending to gnash’s journey this last year. About an year ago, gnash released his debut EP U. Six months later, the EP Me. And finally, another six months later, the EP Us. This as been an unveiling story of a breakup, finding oneself and finding another love. His human, daily-life way to write lyrics made us immediately connect with the artist and his feelings, as everything sung and felt by him, as been felt (and possibly sung along with other love/heartbreak songs). This EP has something about it… It covers many music genres, from soft indie (like Bright Eyes cover of First Day of My Life) to heartfelt¬†hip-hop and is an all-round collaborative project, counting with names such as Mark Jones, Olivia O’Brien and Liphemra. ¬†We keep getting so many mixed vibes, depending on the track we’re listening to: anywhere between Flume to Drake. Close your eyes and enjoy sweet lullabies (Fragile) and straight forward lyrics (Rumours).

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