Indie Sapiens: Nuno listens to Golden Slumbers

The softness of their voices and the sweetness to every song made Nuno choose Golden Slumbers to be his recommendation on Indie Sapiens.

Imagine you are hanging around on the street and everyone you get by has a secret music artist they like to hear. In Indie Sapiens they will be able to share their favorite tunes with the world! Today is Nuno’s turn.

“Hi, I´m Nuno, I´m 45 years old and I´m a financial manager” he tells us in a rushed way. Nuno’s days are spent behind a computer, looking at and analysing numbers after numbers, but behind his methodical mind, there’s a soft heart: “I´m passionate about music. It´s my favorite form of art.” He explains his taste in music varies all the time: “I hear all kinds of music, from heavy metal to classic”. But, as all of us, he has a special spot for one genre in specific… “(…) what really makes my skin crawl is the blues”.

Golden Slumbers

Continuing on that note, the blues have that characteristic low bass folk inspired sound and Nuno promptly says “there´s a new two member band here in Portugal that I want to recommend. It´s a kind of a folk sound. Great voices. Their name is Golden Slumbers.” These two sisters have just released their debut album The New Messiah that fells like a beautiful yet emotional extension to the EP I Found the Key (released on 2014).  The softness of their voices and the sweetness to every song makes us think of bright, crystal clear harmonies we can find on Keaton Henson, Sophie Lowe and Lucy Rose‘s work.

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